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Learning Through Play

The educational programs at ANDRUS Early Learning Center meet the needs of children as they develop from toddlers in to active learners ready for elementary school.

Your child's day is organized into a creative mix of free play and structured activities. Children are encouraged to discover and develop skills that are prerequisites for competence in reading, math, science, music, the creative arts and communication.

We provide a safe environment, rich with stimulating play materials that are designed to foster exploration and choice. The environment speaks to your child. Areas filled with toys, books, pillows, art supplies, sand, water tables, and blocks create a wonderful atmosphere for learning.

Our program groups children based on age. Once a child joins us, we plan for them to be part of our program through their Pre-K year. Take a look below to learn more about each program.


Infant Program

6 weeks to 20 months

Toddler Program 

18 months to 3 years old

Preschool Program

33 months through Pre-K

Drawing & Coloring


AELC’s philosophy is that children learn best through active exploration and play and Creative Curriculum aligns perfectly with this philosophy. The goal is to develop a love for learning and excitement about school while making sure all of our children have the skills they need to be successful in kindergarten - emotionally, socially and in subject areas. Children learn by doing and Creative Curriculum guides teachers in the use of both child-initiated and teacher directed approaches. Creative Curriculum helps children develop independence, self-confidence and most importantly become able, inquisitive and enthusiastic learners. Because children learn through active exploration, there is a good deal of attention given to the classroom environment and the materials available for children to explore.

The curriculum focuses on 10 areas of development:

1. social-emotional

2. physical

3. language

4. cognitive

5. literacy

6. mathematics

7. science and technology

8. social studies

9. the arts

10. English language acquisition.

Creative Curriculum is not rote learning, it is not worksheets or homework. This is not the way young children learn best. The Creative Curriculum is a set of resources for teachers based on theories of early development and years of experience that helps them guide children in exploring the world around them so that they have all the skills necessary to be successful as they move into Kindergarten. The curriculum aligns with NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children) standards as well as Kindergarten readiness standards for NY State

The Creative Curriculum


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