Infant Program

6 weeks to 20 months

The Bumblebees Classroom focuses on children ages 6 weeks to a year old while our Ladybugs Classroom is tailored to children ages 10 months to 20 months old


Sample Infant Schedule

Individualization with Socialization

COVID-19 Alterations: Many of these activities will be carried out differently during this time.  For example, children will not combine with other classrooms at the beginning and end of the day.  Additionally meals will be served inside the classrooms rather than in our cafe.  For more details see our FAQs page.  In both of our infant classrooms, each child schedule is based on their individual needs.  Though schedules are often similar for children, they can vary quite a bit for our youngest learners.  In the Bumblebees classroom each child has an individual schedule and our teachers have years of experience making these individual schedules work together.  The sample schedule below is simply to give you an idea of what types of activities happen on a daily basis.

Arrival and Free Play

Infant drop-off begins in the Bumblebees classroom as early as 7am.  Children will arrive until about 9:15 on a typical day.  As more children arrive, the two rooms will divide and being their day.  While most of the day is spent divided between younger and older infants, the times when the two classrooms are joined have developmental benefits as well.

Meals - Breakfast, Lunch & Afternoon Snack

Parents can either choose to bring food from home or have the children eat what is offered at AELC.  We provide monthly menus so families know what is being offered for Breakfast, Lunch and Afternoon Snack. For our children under one year we offer both cereal and formula and for our children one and older, food is prepared in our cafe.  Many parents choose to do a mix of food from home and the meals offered here.

Outdoor Time

AELC has two strollers that each carry four children.  When the weather permits, we get the children out for a neighborhood walk.

Community Meeting/Morning Circle

It may be hard to believe but the Community Meeting/Community Circle practice is introduced during out infant program.  This is a time where children begin to see themselves as part of a group and explore the beginnings of interactions.

Structured Activity Time

This includes art activites, building activities, music, reading, dancing, etc.  Though loosely so, the activities may be linked to the curriculum topic happening school wide.


All of our infants nap though some much more than others.  Our Bumblebees (youngest infants) nap an individual schedules developed in coordination with families.  Most of the infants have moved to a two nap schedule before they move into our Ladybugs (mobile infants) classroom.  This classroom has a combination of children taking two naps and those who have transitioned to an afternoon nap only.  Our Teacher work closely with families to understand the best schedule for each child and when they are ready to make transitions.


2020-21 Enrollment Options

Please contact for current tuition rates

Tuition at AELC includes food though many infant parents do choose to bring it in.  We do not have additional supplies fees. We offer 2, 3 and 5-day a week options.

5-days a week

All age groups

Children attend Monday through Friday

3-days a week

Infants and Toddlers

The days of the week are not set days.  It will depend on what days the classroom has openings.  Once a spot is accepted, the days do remain the same each week.

2-days a week

Infants and Toddlers

The days of the week are not set days.  It will depend on what days the classroom has openings.  Once a spot is accepted, the days do remain the same each week.


Sibling Discount - 10%        ANDRUS Employee - 15%

If two children from the same family are enrolled 5 days a week, there is a 10% discount on the oldest child's tuition.

ANDRUS Employees receive a 15% discount on tuition. 

We do accept DSS Childcare Subside for children 2.9 years old and up. 


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