Preschool Program

33 months through Pre-K

Our Preschool Program is for children 3 years old through Pre-K.  We have five classrooms in our Preschool Program- a younger 3s class, two 3-4 year old classes and two 4-5 year old classrooms. Our youngest 3s classroom is a transitional classroom focused on helping children internalize routine and begin some new activities like eating in our cafe and going to the bathroom outside of the classroom.  As the children get older, they are more able to understand and follow routines.  Our classroom structures mirror this developmental trajectory with our oldest classrooms following the most structured program.  That said, all of our classrooms maintain flexibility to assure an engaged and positive environment!


Sample Preschool Schedule

Internalizing Routine

COVID-19 Alterations: Many of these activities will be carried out differently during this time.  For example, children will not combine with other classrooms at the beginning and end of the day.  Additionally, meals will be served inside the classrooms rather than in our cafe.  For more details see our FAQs page. Once children are old enough to be in our Preschool program, they are able to begin internalizing routines.  For this reason, the classrooms stick more closely to the schedule as they get older but always have a bit of flexibility so the teacher can follow the children's led.  During the preschool years, the children will often ask "why" if schedules are shifted and as they get older and often take on roles of helping remind their classmates what happens next.  Reviewing the plan for the day often happens as part of Community Meeting/Morning Circle.  Each classroom's schedule differs slightly and your child's teacher will be happy to provide you with a schedule.

Arrival and Free Play

Preschool drop-off happens in two of our classrooms as early as 7am.  Children will arrive until about 9:15 on a typical day.  As more children arrive or breakfast begins (whichever comes first) the classrooms will divide up to begin their day.  The same process happens at the end of the day

Meals - Breakfast, Lunch & Afternoon Snack

We have a cook who serves meals in our cafe each day to our Preschoolers.  Our cook prepares meals following CACFP guidelines for breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack.  One of the great things about the cafe is that the children get to know the cook and also see food preparation in action.  Our cook becomes a default teacher "What are you making?" "How do you know how much to put in?" "What is that called?".  In a busy world where children often consume food without seeing any of the preparation, this is a chance for them to learn a bit more about how food gets to the table. We also eat Family Style which encourages interaction among the children and with the staff.  Eating together helps us build positive relationships that are so important.

Outdoor Time

Our children spend time outside each day so make sure your children have clothes that allow them to be outside for a bit.  We have a small playground on site.  Our Preschoolers also venture to a playground a few blocks away and take lots of neighborhood walks!

Community Meeting/Morning Circle

Community Meeting/Morning Circle are a very important part of the day.  During this time the class sets expectations for the day and each child has an opportunity to share about how they are feeling.  Learning to express oneself in a group setting is important and can be hard for some children.  The positive relationships built in our classroom help support this type of communication.  Children are learning verbal communication, expressing emotions and good listening skills to name a few.  They also begin to see each individual as a unique part of the collective.

Structured Activity Time

This includes art activities, building activities, music, reading, dancing, etc.  For our Preschoolers, these activities are often linked to the curriculum. Some happen in large group but many happen in small groups and in an emergent way.  For example, there may be specific items out in the art area that children explore with each other and staff members.  As children begin to talk about what they are seeing teachers may use vocabulary or skills specific to the curriculum.  You will not see a lot of worksheets handed out or times where children are sitting in chairs all doing the exact same activity.


All of our infants nap though some much more than others.  Our Bumblebees (youngest infants) nap an individual schedules developed in coordination with families.  Most of the infants have moved to a two nap schedule before they move into our Ladybugs (mobile infants) classroom.  This classroom has a combination of children taking two naps and those who have transitioned to an afternoon nap only.  Our Teacher work closely with families to understand teh best schedule for each child and when they are ready to make transitions.

Choice Time

During Choice Time, children are given free reign of a number of activities. The teachers provide multiple acitivities and let the children decide how they would like to spend their time.  Acitivities often include blocks, dolls, kitchen, water table, reading, animals, etc.  A large portion of our day is spent in this way.  The kids call it "playing" and they definitely are.  When children are at play, the teaching staff can use the play that emerges to develop all kinds of skills - social, language, science, math (the list is endless) - and mostly to encourage a love of learning.

Pick-Up and Free Play

As families to begin to pick up and we have fewer children, the classrooms may combine with one another.  This provides opportunities for children to spend time with children and staff members that are not part of their specific classrooms and to be in a different space.  Often groups will spend some time in our indoor playroom, library, art room or theatre at the end of the day.


2020-21 Enrollment Options

Please contact for current tuition rates

Once a child is 3 years old, we only offer a full time program.  By this age activities can take place over multiple days and sometimes build upon one another.  For this reasons, our Preschool Program is fulltime.  If a child is enrolled part time as a toddler and ages up, they will be moved to full time status the month after their 3rd birthday.

5-days a week

All age groups

Children attend Monday through Friday


Sibling Discount - 10%        ANDRUS Employee - 15%

If two children from the same family are enrolled 5 days a week, there is a 10% discount on the oldest child's tuition.

ANDRUS Employees receive a 15% discount on tuition. 

We do accept DSS Childcare Subside for children 2.9 years old and up. 


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